Music is a gift. It brings people together, brings out their joy and sorrow, commands them. It’s my blood but not my life.

Adrien is a member of a long line of musical prodigies, related to Sirens. He was disowned by his family after refusing to follow in their footsteps soon after his father died. He made the decision to leave home when his mother grew more obsessive and controlling. After leaving he found the Limbo Freak Show and they took him in, offering him sanctuary and a home when he had none. He soon began to help them with their music and choreographed their routines, after their previous musician passed away.

He gained a permanent spot in their family and has no intention of leaning any time soon. While he still refuses to turn music into his sole drive, he shows incredible talent for it. Preferring to do it for fun and without the suffocation of judgement or expectation that chasing it as a job would offer.

Very little is actually known of his history, and the majority of it is speculation and rumour. He rarely talks about his past, finding it quite difficult to be serious and open up to others about his family and his difficulties. He deflects most questions with humour.


Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and ghouls! Welcome to the greatest show unearthed!

The Limbo Freak Show is primarily located in Limbo itself, suspended between time and space and Heaven and Hell. It was founded an incredibly long time ago, by Bessartaila. It's a sanctuary and home for those who are suffering. It acts as a beacon, offering entertainment and hope for anyone in a difficult place.

The Freak Show tent is massive, and can be seen even from massive distances. It can house a great number of people, in the case of refugees. Its biggest point of interest is the massive stage in the middle of the tent. It's carved from ancient and powerful wood, stands tall and powerful. The stage has carvings for each member of the show and are imbued with magic and soul.


Bella, I have another routine for you to try out. How about we get some time together so you can practice, love?

Adrien works with Bella quite closely, practicing dance routines and creating music that will match her performance style. Though he is slightly over familiar with her and will sometimes receive threats in return. They've developed a teasing, playful relationship. Adrien likes getting her to come out of her shell and is trying to help her find comfort in other people's presence.

He also enjoys buying her new outfits, often dragging her out with him. Adrien has let Bella see into his mind so she has a good grasp over his feelings and how he struggles with himself and his upbringing. She shows signs of frustration at him hiding his struggles, but doesn’t bring it up. They very rarely discuss their pasts, he finds comfort in knowing she understands a similar upbringing and they fill their time with not thinking about their struggles.

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Adrien found his way to the Limbo Freak Show by chance. They were performing in town, to offer solace to the people during a hard economic hit. When he saw their show he saw a chance to escape from the life he'd been caged to. They saw his interest and saw something in him that was seeking freedom. He agreed to join them and travel to help bring light to other people.

He became their musician and choreographer. The Show has given him a sense of family and he's coming out of his shell a lot, finding comfort in their company.


Adrien was born to two musical geniuses. Isabella and Mateo Giovanni de Luca. The atmosphere he grew up in was suffocating and very strict. His oldest sister, Maria, grew to be cruel and unpleasant as well. Both Adrien and his younger sister, Ani, were struggling under their parents. Neither wanting to be constricted to their parent's plan for them. Even from a young age, Adrien has been very talented with instruments and music. The pressure of his parents made him avoid his responsibilities as much as possible in order to push back about it.

Becoming a little jaded and neglecting himself and his emotions, he tried to protect his sister as much as possible. When his father died, his mother grew even more controlling. Likely to help bring some more control into her life, that she believed she'd lost. When he realised she was going to lock him into a life he didn't want, he left home with no word to his mother or sister, only giving Ani a way to contact him.

Important events

Leaving home

Around the age of twenty, he finally managed to pull out from under his controlling mother. Not long after his father died and her treatment and personality worsened. This event helped him escape an abusive situation, and opened up his life for freedom and a chance to be comfortable in himself again.

Joining the show

Met and joined the freak show very soon after leaving home. Working a dead-end, boring job just to survive, he went to see them perform in the nearby town and was brought in by day/night, who saw a great deal of musical talent in him (As well as a lot of pain).

Reconnecting with his sister

A few years after having joined the freak show, he received word from his sister, Ani, that she was free from their parents and searching for her own direction in life. This event took a great deal of weight off his shoulders. Adrien is highly proud of his sister, and writes to her as much as he can.